Using GIS technology for site selection is a standard operating procedure for retailers in the United States, Western Europe, and elsewhere in the world. Though India is now rated as the number one retail opportunity globally (see “Latest News” on the home page) few of the GIS capabilities available elsewhere have been replicated in India. Castle Consulting India is now remedying that situation by offering state-of-the-art, online GIS tools and data bases for India’s top 100 cities. As summarized below, our GIS technology applies to both the inter-city and intra-city retail site selection decisions .
For each of our clients, periodically we update our data bases and conduct proprietary filtering analyses of India’s cities to identify those cities with the greatest retail investment potential based on such factors as each city’s economic momentum, real estate prices, competitor saturation, etc
Our clients enjoy unlimited online access to innumerable detailed maps of the cities that interest them. The maps include both descriptive assessments (such as the ward-level Population Density map on the right) and client-specific, proprietary investment target areas (such as the scoring model map on the left, which might be displayed by ward, real estate submarket, pincode, or other geographic units).